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Slow Down During the Shutdown

Maybe it’s just me, but since the advent of the smartphone in 2007, life has become additionally difficult. By difficult, I mean more frenetic. By difficult, I mean more hurried, more encumbered, and less rhythmic. Now, the only time I’m not connected is when I’m surfing.
Out there, floating in the ocean, there is freedom — freedom from the constant bombardment of information and need, of responsibility and expectations. Out there in the ocean, I am free for a small amount of time to assume the posture of ease and retreat from the leash of my iPhone. Out there, I more readily recline into the arms of God.
The work of a pastor has always been, more or less, 24-7. Before the smartphone, however, there seemed to be a gentler cadence to my day, a cadence that invited hard work and repose. A cadence that was not interrupted by a device that signaled: “No rest! Return that call, email, and text! Respond this second or people will think you’re slacking off!”
When I ride my bike to the beach ca…

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