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Learning to Ride the Wave

  My wife and I have not had an easy decision. We asked ourselves: “Do we send our son to   in-person school or should he learn virtually?” The one thing that we are convinced of is the importance of learning; the importance of education. In the Presbyterian Church, we often call this “Stewardship of the Mind.” I’ve joked with friends that education and travel are two things that I’ve never regretted spending money on. That, and good bottle of rum. Some of the most important lessons I’ve learned have not come from a classroom but from the ocean. From 35 years of surfing, I’ve gleaned a small education: ·          Slow down and enjoy the moment. ·          For the best ride, go with the wave. ·          Watch the horizon while also paying attention to the immediate surroundings. ·          Don’t give up when faced with a difficult paddle out. ·          Surrender when necessary. ·          Nature matters. ·          My body has limits. ·          Beauty gives hope ·

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